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Are you already on overload?


Looking to make life more
positive and less stressed?


Do you yearn for some positive support but don't have the time or know where to get it?


If so, you're not alone.

Are you stressed from the negativity of the world?

In this place and time, we're inundated with errands, busy schedules, negative news and
so many responsibilities.  We forget what we came here for. what we most want - to have a joyful experience,
to enjoy all the excitement, beauty and fun our beautiful planet offers all of us.  


Sound too good to be true?  


Just watch a child.   They know how to access joy instinctively.  

I watched my niece crawl across the room and then climb up her grandfather's leg the other day.  
When she realized she was vertical, she looked around with the biggest smile on her face.
She was so happy at what she accomplished.  She radiated pure joy.


So did we once upon a time.  


But we've forgotten how as we bury ourselves with work, with more and more on our to-do lists. 

We overwhelm ourselves with our digital gadgets and daily responsibilities as

we wait for the weekends and vacations that pass all too quickly.


There’s good news.


You can get back to that time of unbridled joy and unlimited possibilities because now

there are incredible resources and strategies available to help you do so. 

And most are both easy to learn and implement.


 Frazzled to Freedom​

designed just for you


Available in several formats

As a live seminar available for businesses, groups, schools or at various public locations

As on online course with easy to digest and implement mini lessons over 30 days.

What do I get in
the 30 days?


  • A daily quote to inspire and empower 

  • A daily lesson in creating a positive supportive mindset based on the latest research and strategies from a wide range of sources - from cellular biology to brain research to Law of Attraction


  •  A website full of resources to support you after the 30-day program plus addition to a private Facebook group to interact with like minded people and to be receive ongoing training

What can I expect to learn?


  • Effective strategies for starting each day the positivity way


  • Why being positive really matters


  • The effect of negativity on our cells - from a noted cellular biologist - and how we can turn it around


  • How to take the stress out of your to-do list


  • How to manage the various segments of the day to create the outcome you most want


  • And much more...

This program is only $1.00 during the coronavirus social distancing period (Paypal won't let it be free at this time)

Click here to purchase


"Thank you so much for this. It was much needed.  You are an inspiration and I hope so many people have the privilege to learn from you and be reminded that everyday doesn't have to be stressful and miserable,


You are amazing, Marianne.  So many would be lost without your help."

Brenda Vega

Who is Marianne Douglas?

I’m like most people these days – too much on my plate and not enough hours in the day.  As a solo entrepreneur, I’ve sometimes let myself get overwhelmed by the incredible amount of work it takes to run a small home-based business.  I can only imagine how challenging it is for the majority of people who also have families to take care of as well as their jobs.


My saving grace is that about 20 years ago I had the incredible opportunity... more here.



Decide if you want to book Marianne for your group or take the online course yourself.


Click here to contact Marianne about available dates.

Click here to take the course online

Includes daily quote, 30 easy to implement mini lessons to read and/or listen to over and over again 

Cost: $27

“Recently I had to set a goal for myself.  I wasn’t sure if I could get there or even how to accomplish it.  Then I head your voice in my head from all those years ago telling me that positive thoughts bring positive results.  Well, it worked.  So thank you for teaching me so long after I left your classroom.”

Jen Suitter

Still trying to decide?

Click here for a free report on the Power of Positivity with a strategy you can start using today!

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