top of page begin learning from some of the best coaches, motivational leaders and teachers in the world.  Their training opened up a whole exciting world of possibilities for me and introduced me to a remarkable collection of strategies that have truly helped me to create the life I want for myself.  That collection - based on work from cellular biology to brain science to Law of Attraction - keeps growing along with my insatiable curiosity about what makes us tick as humans.  When I get a bit off balance as we all do at times, I have a wealth of tips to get my GPS for life back on track. 


These strategies have gotten me through some amazingly challenging times.  I’d like to share the toughest one so you’ll have a sense of how powerful these simple concepts are. 


It was 2001.  My incredible business partner in the flight school we owned together was killed in a car crash.  Not only did I lose a great friend, but I also lost his talent and knowledge that were essential to running our business.  I was now the sole owner of the business with employees who were counting on me for their jobs and customers who expected to fulfill their dreams of learning to fly.  I was also a high school teacher at that time transitioning to a new program I was creating for my school called Strategies for Success which I had developed to help empower teens after the tragic suicide from bullying of one of my students. 


Tough challenges to be sure but that wasn’t all that was going on because the year was 2001.  On September 10, one of our planes crash landed in Maine (thankfully both pilot and passenger were unhurt).  On September 11 our world as we knew it changed.  We all struggled during that time but flight schools had the additional challenge of not being able to fly for a month as aviation was shut down.  We also had the FBI scouring our records for days at a time.


I had more on my plate than any time in my life between keeping the flight school running and being the person called on at my school to help both students and teachers cope with the tragedy of that horrific day. Thankfully I was deeply involved in learning the strategies that kept me sane during that chaotic time period.  I’m not sure how I would have coped without them. 


My mission since then has been to share what I learned (and keep learning) with all who are ready to design their best life as Oprah often calls it.  I especially like sharing with others who like me want to help elevate our families, our schools, our communities.  Together we have the ability to learn, share and lift the people in our lives. 


I created this 30 day program so that you too could sample the strategies that have kept me going.  One of my basic philosophies is that if I can pull even one gem from any program I sign up for then it is worth my time.  I hope you will find many gems, pearls if you will – some that you’ll use immediately, others that you’ll save for the right moment.  I hope you’ll share them with your children, your significant other, your co-workers so that we might all get through the times we live in with a bit more ease, a lot less stress and much more joy.

       Marianne Douglas

was the recipient of many awards for her Strategies for Success program which she created for her high school.  Here are a few:

  • Teacher of the Year
    Mt. Hope High School


  • Teacher of the Year Bristol/Warren School District

  • Outstanding RI Educator

  • National Finalist Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning

  • Jefferson Award for Public Service

  • Service Award - Rhode Island College

  • Recognized as a "Hero" by the Oprah Winfrey Show

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