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Audio of Day 27

Day 27


Welcome to Day 27!


Today is all about two alternative methods out of many that are being used to alleviate stress and help us make the changes we want to make.  Some involve working with practitioners.  Others are easy enough to do ourselves.   I’ve approached each with a bit of skepticism initially as I do most new concepts.  Ultimately I have tried several after continued research and/or recommendation by a trusted friend.


The first is hypnosis.  I was initially exposed to this in the early 80’s when I worked for a man who blended hypnosis with coaching.  I had gone to him as a client after a close friend recommended him.  He was amazing.  He was able to combine hypnosis with music and the changes that I most wanted and needed to make in my life at that time.  He would make me a cassette that I would take with me and play over and over.  The repetition of the positive changes I wanted to make along with hypnosis allowed me to make the improvements I wanted easily.  He even taught me how to hypnotize people but it’s been years since I used it that way. 


Hypnosis is fascinating to me.  It’s not what I thought it would be because my only experience with it had been people who did the bizarre things the hypnotist asked them to do.  For that to happen, you’ve got to be someone who would do those things anyway.  The hypnotist only suggests.  They have no control.  They just help you relax your thoughts so that you can access your subconscious more easily. It’s the place where all the beliefs and procedures are stored, some that empower us and some that are more limiting.  Hypnosis helps us place new information where we need it most.


I found those old cassettes not too long along, dug up a cassette player and am enjoying them once again.  I also have some more recent ones on a variety of topics that I purchased at one of the many empowering seminars I attend.  I’ve used them for weight loss, stress reduction and removing financial blocks in my mindset.  I’m sure there are lots of people who offer hypnosis CD’s.  Be sure you find someone reputable if you decide to give them a try.  I found the ones I bought at the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar by T Harv Eker and Peak Potentials  on Amazon.  Here’s the link:


I use them to calm down, to fall asleep, to reinforce the new behaviors I want to support.  It’s one of my favorite strategies to be sure.


The next one is called Tapping or EFT.  I was introduced to it through the links from Hay House, the company that publishes Dr. Wayne Dyer and others.  I participated in a 10 day global tapping summit two years ago and have been amazed at the types of results people are getting.  What’s fascinating and probably not so coincidental is that Nick Ortner, author of ‘The Tapping Solution’ is based out of Newtown, CT.  Two years ago that was the scene of that horrific school shooting.  He and his team have been successfully using tapping to help the parents and citizens cope. 


I worked with a coach recently who guided me through a tapping exercise to help me get through some blocks we were working on.  It was instant and amazingly effective.  The process involves tapping your fingers on several meridian points on the body while stating whatever the issue is that you’re working on.  Not enough space to go through the exact procedure here.  Let me just share the link to the page where they offer tips for holiday stress with an audio of the tapping procedure that you can try yourself.


Here’s another link from them to help you see if you have stress in your life.  What’s good is you also get a link to a stress reduction audio and the first two chapters of The Tapping Solution book free.


If you like it, I recommend liking ‘The Tapping Solution’ page on Facebook where Nick and his sister Jessica share tips, audio and video.  I highly recommend checking them out for cutting edge healing of what ails us without a prescription in sight! 


So that’s it for today.  These two techniques which have been around for quite a while may or may not resonate with you.  And that’s fine.  But I wouldn’t be giving you my full story if I didn’t share them because they are part of my go-to  __________   (I used to say arsenal but that’s too harsh a word – I need a new one!  Suggestions?)I feel they are very much worth my time and effort.


Have a wonderful day!


P.S.  Now you can choose to continue to the next day or wait until tomorrow.  Either way, here's a link to the next chapter.



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