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Audio for Day 26


Day 26

Welcome to Day 26!

Are you busy?  Feel like you don’t have enough time?  Welcome to life in the 2000’s!  We actually pride ourselves on being busy and tired like it’s a badge of honor.  I know because I also say that I’m both.  In reality we are because most of us have overloaded our plates with too many commitments which ultimately leads to being tired.


So what can we do about it?  Here are a few of the strategies that help keep me sane.


1. Say ‘no’ whenever possible unless you really want or need to do something.  Sometimes we agree to do something that we don’t want to do because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s great to help but not at our own expense. Sometimes we’re so unhappy that we’ve committed yet again that we carry anger and frustration around, not good for our hormones. We have a right to say no if the yes would add to our workload and stress level. 


2. Stop multi-tasking.  At a recent seminar I worked at, the speaker Dennis Cummins said we don’t actually multi-task.  We just do a bunch of things sequentially, none of them all that well.  We’re fooling ourselves if we think we’re doing a great job.  We’re also missing the moment because we’re trying to do too much at once. 


Dennis did a great exercise.  He asked everyone in the audience to write his name.  Under the name, he had them write the corresponding 13 numbers.  Everyone did that quickly because they were comfortable writing names and numbers.  Then he had them start again.  This time they had to write the D and then the 1 under it.  Then the E and then the 2 under it.  It took much longer because they weren’t functioning using skills stored in their subconscious.  They were functioning similarly to multi-tasking. 
Not a particularly productive way to work.


I’ve cut way back on multi-tasking.  The TV is off while I’m writing and often now when I’m working because I’m easily drawn in.  I only allow small breaks on Facebook or checking email. I only check regular mail once a week so I’m not constantly breaking the flow.  I’m getting much more done this way and I’m thinking the same will be true for you as well.


3. Got a long to-do list?  Here’s a great strategy for feeling better about it.  You still have to do everything on it but with this simple strategy you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.  Let me give you an example.  Here’s part of my to-do list this week:


  • Write and record Day 28

  • Write and record Day 29

  • Write and record Day 30

  • Redo my personal web page

  • Update my clients’ web page

  • Create web pages for days 28 to 30

  • Find people who might benefit from this program

  • Go to CVS

  • Go to the grocery store

  • Go the farm stand for veggie

  • Pay the company bills'

  • Pay personal bills

OK, I’m going to stop there before I get stressed.  What I’m going to do now is what’s called ‘chunking’.  I’m going to group the chores by category, ‘chunk’ them if you will. 

Here’s the new list:


Finish Frazzled to Freedom including marketing it

Work on web pages

Pay bills



This is still the same list but now it’s not as stress-inducing.  I still have things to do but they don’t weigh me down.  Try it.  It’s quite effective. 

It’s the reverse of a previous strategy.  I mentioned that we want to put lots of detail into our positive things so we create positive momentum and feel better.  We want our negative list to be very general so we won’t activate the negative hormones.  Tricks with the brain that keep us in charge.


4. Got a boring or unpleasant job to do?  Set the timer for 15 minutes.  Promise yourself that if you want to stop when the timer goes off, you have permission to do so.  Guess what happens?  When the timer buzzes, most of us keep going because we’ve kicked into another law – law of completion.  We want to finish what we started.  The other law involved is that a body in motion tends to stay in motion whereas a body at rest tends to stay at rest.  Sir Isaac Newton I believe on that one.  The 15 minute trick gets us past the inertia of being at rest.  Whatever the reason, it works.  Even if you know it’s a trick.  Gotta love that!


5. Final time tip for today comes by way of entrepreneur Ali Brown who told the story in a recent training about how she had to pack for a trip and had almost no time.  She kept looking at her watch which made the time fly.  Then she decided to set a timer for when she had to leave.  Somehow now she had more than enough time and made it out the door to the airport.  Guess the constant checking of the watch added stress and took her out of the flow.  Makes sense to me.


So that’s it for today.  Take some time today or this week and maybe to go back over some of these lessons or pick up some that you missed but only if it doesn’t add stress in the process.


Have a lovely day!


P.S.  Now you can choose to continue to the next day or wait until tomorrow.  Either way, here's a link to the next chapter.



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