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Audio for Day 5

Day 5


Welcome to Day 5!  What time did you wake up this morning?  Was it the time you planned?  I’m betting it was. If not, try it again.  See what happens. 


Today is all about Law of Attraction. You may or may not have heard of it unless you saw the movie “The Secret” which was released years ago.  The basic premise is that everything is energy and that like attracts like.  This meshes with brain science that says when you think a thought it attracts a similar thought.  This means that we attract what we’re projecting at any given time.  It’s why what starts off as a bad day can snowball into a truly rotten one – if we let it.


With Law of Attraction, we want to cultivate more positive in our lives so that we will attract more of the same.   It’s why I asked you to try your best to start the day with a positive statement, focus and gratitude. It starts the day rolling towards the kind of day you want to have.  You become like Velcro picking up all sorts of positive experiences as the day progresses.  It’s also why I wanted you to start noticing your own negativity – so there would be less of it and more positivity in your brain, in your life.


Having a day that’s not going particularly well?  Law of Attraction suggests two ways to remedy the situation.


  •  Meditate which slows down the brain chatter

  • Take a nap. 

I alternate between them and often combine the two using a free app on the phone called Living in Love.  You can set the timer for whatever amount of time you can give (I usually do 20 minutes).  I also set my alarm so I don’t fall asleep for more than 20 minutes.   If I do fall asleep, it’s a short enough time to be considered a power nap as it doesn’t let me get into deep REM sleep.  If I just meditate, 20 minutes is perfect.  When the 20 minutes is up, I say “I love my life!” and start anew as if it were a brand new day.


When we’re in what Law of Attraction calls alignment, when everything is in flow – amazing things start to happen because positive really does attract positive. People you need to find somehow find you, parking spaces at the mall open up even during the holiday season.  “Coincidences” abound (It’s in quotes because in math, coincidence means two shapes that line up perfectly.  In life, we think of coincidences as random. But are they? If you’re aligned with positive, then more positive tends to show up).  I was in the office at my part time job today and we couldn’t get the printer to work.  We were both in positive frames of minds despite this and I sent some good Law of Attraction energy over and it started working.  Coincidence, luck or energy?  I don’t care because it worked.


When I was creating the Strategies for Success program for my school I was very much in alignment with what I wanted to achieve.  I was passionate about getting this anti-bullying empowering program in my school.  All sorts of opportunities starting happening.  I got a scholarship to ALL of world famous Tony Robbins’ events.  The school paid for my travel and expenses.  This is not how schools operate.  Yet each door kept opening, one after the other with award after award following.


Ever been thinking of someone and then they call you?  Law of Attraction.  I needed 5 things at 4 different stores last week and I was short of time.  I found all 4 unexpectedly at the first store.    I’m writing about this today and the first day of Oprah and Deepak’s meditation series is all about everything being energy.  Mine and Oprah’s focus have paralleled for years.  It used to surprise me.  Not anymore.


I have so many stories that I could share about things lining up just right. But this is about you.  Start a list and you’ll be amazed at how many situations there are.  There are probably a few negative ones when you’re in that state but let’s not go there because that redirects focus to the negative.  If they’re truly bad your brain will start releasing those negative hormones because it doesn’t know if you’re living the story again or just talking about it. It releases the matching hormones according to what emotion you're feeling. 


If you’re intrigued at all about Law of Attraction, there’s plenty of it on YouTube.  I’d recommend two interviews that got me started.  One is with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks.  The other is Oprah and Esther Hicks.  


The most important takeaway is to get yourself into a positive mindset as often as possible.   When you catch yourself thinking negative, put the penny in the jar and reach for a thought that’s just a little bit more positive, one that feels better.  Maybe pick something from your list about things that make you happy?  You always have a choice – to feel better or worse.  Choose better and you will be more aligned and attracting more of what you want.


Enjoy the day!  I’m off for the day for some great new training!  I’ll be looking along the way for things that make me happy, listening to music and training that makes me happy, mingling with others who seek out the best.  Nothing new to add to your to-do list today.  Just keep practicing all we’ve talked about because those pathways in the brain need to lay down more myelin so these strategies become habit!


Don’t you just love life?  Wishing you a positively wonderful day!


P.S.  Now you can choose to continue to the next day or wait until tomorrow.  Either way, here's a link to the next chapter..

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