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Audio for Day 25

Day 25


Welcome to Day 25


Today is all about focusing on the best in all areas of your life – your job, your home, your family members, your significant other, your health.  You know by now that if you have your focus on what’s good, the positive, you’ll attract more of what’s good.  The bonus is that you will feel better in the process.


I bet you can tell me everything that’s wrong with your job, your boss, a particular relative, living where you live, the country.  We know and we talk about those things constantly because our society thrives on negativity.  Let’s go the other route today by focusing on what’s right about all those things. 


Here’s what I’d like you to do when you have a bit of time.  Get a notebook or start a file somewhere called “What I Like About…”  Start a page for each specific person that you interact with regularly and the parts of your life that are important – your job, your house, your finances, your health, your car, and so on.   Whenever you have a spare moment, put something on that page that you like about that person/thing.   Add more to each list any time you think of something else that fits this category or any time you have a free moment.


What does this do for you? 


  1. It directs your brain to search for the good qualities.  Remember that RAS, the front porch of your brain seeks what you tell it to seek.  If you’ve been looking for what’s wrong with your brother/mother/sister/friend/spouse, I’m sure you’ve been finding plenty.  Now start looking for what’s right.

  2. Now you have a list of good qualities that you can go to when you’re feeling a little off about someone/something.  It’s a reminder that there’s quite a bit you do like which can really be a lift when you need it.

  3. Remember setting the next segment of your day?  If you have a challenging relative to visit, browse your ‘what I like ‘ page on them and you’ll enter the segment feeling better about the upcoming interaction rather than looking for the buttons that you might accidentally push to get them to act in a way you don’t like.  What it does is help you bring your best self to the situation by managing your own energy and your own thoughts.  Sometimes we don’t realize we walk into a situation ready to battle because of our history with a person or situation or because we’re not in the best frame of mind.  Getting ourselves in a better state beforehand is advantageous to everyone.

  4. As you write or read this book, you’re increasing your own positivity.  Of course it would rise as you’re focused on all the wonderful people/things in your life.  How could it not?  You feel grateful, abundant, blessed.  And isn’t that what we’re ultimately all looking for anyway? 

So that’s it for today.  I keep saying I’ll do a shorter one but then I keep writing because I want to share the best of what I know. 

Your mission: until you have time to start the notebook/online page, start thinking about all that you like about the people and things in your life.  I think you’ll find yourself smiling and feeling pretty darned good.


P.S.  Now you can choose to continue to the next day or wait until tomorrow.  Either way, here's a link to the next chapter.


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