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Audio for Day 30

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Day 30:  The Final Review

It’s here…the final lesson and there’s so much left to say.

Let’s start with a review…you know that is my way.

I want these lessons to stick with you…every single day

I’d like this whole thing to rhyme…but my brain might not obey.

So let’s get into topics, Star POWER is the first

Each piece helps tap into your best, won’t let you feel your worst.

Stand strong when you need to, tell your body who’s in charge

Take a deep breath to calm you,  it’s the key to living large


Choose the words that make you happy, strong, and feeling in control

You get to choose you know, it really is your role.

Envision the moment, the best it can be

Don’t waste that brain on worry, let it see what’s best to see


Realize you’ve got it all, in the palm of your hand

When you need it, it’s there, go ahead and take a stand.

You really are in charge of that brain that sits inside

Just need to tell it what you want, not junk that you should hide


Think joy and fun and gratitude, the keys to your success

That’s what those we most admire do, why their life’s not a mess

Decide to make your life a gift, to others and to you

It’s really your decision, the best thing you could do


Wake up every morning and start looking for the joy

Sure beats thinking the new day will be one that will annoy

Every now and again, check to see what you believe

Those beliefs are only thoughts that often do deceive


They’re neither true nor false, you’ve just heard them said a lot

See if they still work for you, if they’re good or if they’re not

The ones that now no longer work, just throw them to the side

Replace them with stronger ones, those that bring you pride.


I see that I’m still rhyming, I truly am surprised

You see I’ve never done this, I have just realized

It must be that I want to create something you’ll really like               

Somehow I’m inspired to make this fun, before I take a hike.


I think it shows what’s possible when we really reach inside

If I can rhyme, I can do anything with Star POWER on my side

Some strategies for putting off, for getting back on track

Set 15 minutes on the clock and procrastination’s off your back


Chunk it, do it, dream it, create for yourself a surprise

Do the toughest parts first, keep in mind the reason why

Find someone who inspires you, do the smart things that they do

After all it’s often said that success leaves a clue


Hang with positive people, stay away from the news

Negativity will only bring you the blues

A vision board is great for your brain to see what’s what

It takes in pictures so much faster than any other way you’ve got


Pick one goal at a time to work on, that’s how your brain works best

Remember that front porch?  Now put it to the test

What you want to have or remember must be in the front part of your brain

Power Phrases and repetition are your best ways to retain


When you’re feeling low and you know you will at times

Remember how questions can interrupt your mind

What you’re grateful for, what makes you laugh right out

What’s good about this, makes you feel better without a doubt


I’m think I’m done, it’s all right here except for today’s final few

Don’t let yourself be offended too easily, it’s the stressful thing to do

Ask ‘What else could it mean?” when things are looking frightful

Your brain will answer with lots of choices, most are quite delightful


It’s not so easy to do these things, I know I’ve tried them too

But I promise you they’re worth it, for what they bring to you

Try one at a time for a month at least, to make them part of your life

Repetition creates habit, make good ones for no strife


Remember that we’re works in progress getting better every day

Enjoy the ride, find your bliss, let it guide your way

Do positive at every chance, we really need your light

Our world is better aligned this way every day and night


So as we part I’d like to say, it’s truly been my pleasure

To share this program with you, you are such a treasure!


Marianne Douglas



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