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Day 21


Welcome to Day 21!


Today is all about wrapping up Star POWER, the model for what you need to tap into when you want to bring your best self forward.  There will be days and times when this is not the case. Today is one of those for me.  I’m a bit under the weather and have no need at the moment for the tapping into all the elements.  But I am still using some of them because of course, I want to feel better. 


Let’s go through them as a review and a reminder of what we have at our disposal at any time.


P = Physiology – how we carry our bodies and what we ingest


O = Oxygen – deep breathing for stress management, more oxygenated blood and for extra thinking time before acting


W = Words – understanding that words have incredible power because  they lead to the emotions and actions that determine our lives.  Words have the ability to empower us, support us, nurture us.  It’s up to us to choose words that create the results we want on a daily basis and long term.


E = Envision – realizing that our imagination is a powerful tool for helping us to create the pieces of our lives, one segment, one event at a time.  That the more we consciously access our imagination for our own benefit, the less we use it for worry, the more delicious a life we create for ourselves. 


R = Realize – this is the last letter in Star POWER. When I created this model, I wasn’t sure what I was going to use for the ‘R’.  Then I noticed that the first four letters virtually carried with them all the components we need as long as realize we have the capacity to tap into them whenever we wanted.  Those first four carried me when I tried to break a board for the first time.  They carried me though my first…and second…fire walk.  They truthfully help me on a regular basis and I know they can for you as well. 


We need to recognize our innate brilliance more often instead of allowing ourselves to succumb to being less than we’re capable of being.  It’s not always socially acceptable to tout our accomplishments but it’s ok to share our learned helplessness.  Haven’t heard that term?  It’s where we brag about what we can’t do.  I constantly say I’m a bad cook when in reality, I don’t like to cook.  If I decided to be a good cook, I could be.  Learned helplessness. 


It’s socially acceptable to watch the ‘news’ which I put in quotes because it’s not what’s new.  It’s the list of the 10 or so most horrible things that happened yesterday.  And it’s everywhere – filling up huge blocks of television air time, popping up online.  Between the news and all the violent TV shows, our brains are filling up with images that we consciously wouldn’t choose if we stopped to think about it.  In my research for the Strategies for Success program, I learned that by the time a child is 12, they will have seen 12,000 simulated murders and over a million commercials.  Is this what we want in their heads?  In ours?


If we want to be more positive and less stressed, then maybe it’s time to consider what we’re allowing to feed our minds.  I left the news a few years ago.  I left the Today Show which I used to like a few months ago.  The big stories find me.  I truly don’t need to know the others.  I also made a choice not to watch most of the violent shows/movies, especially since I started learning the ideas that I have been sharing with you.  Remember our brains don’t know the difference between what’s real and imagined.  If I’m watching something scary or violent, my brain and body are going to react chemically to what I’m seeing.  I can tell myself it’s only a movie but if I’m really caught up into it, I’ll probably forget.


As I said in the opening of this program, this is my take on the concepts of positivity and stress management but they are based on the multitudes of people I study, many of who also have made the conscious choice to separate themselves from media negativity of all kinds.  Granted I don’t know about the latest murder, car accident or other heinous act or what Kim Kardashian did lately but I’m ok with that.  People didn’t know these things before social and mainstream media and I don’t believe I need to know them now.  I get to choose what I let into my brain.  So do you.


You mission today: think about what you watch and listen to regularly.  Is it by choice or by habit?  Does it make you feel better or worse?  Now decide what’s right for you and those you care about.  


And once you’re done, shift your energy away from the negativity to something that puts a big StarPOWER smile on your face!  Have a great day!


P.S.  Now you can choose to continue to the next day or wait until tomorrow.  Either way, here's a link to the next chapter.




Audio for Day 21

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