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Audio Day 17

Day 17


Welcome to Day 17!


Today is a continuation on the power of words to affect how we feel at any given moment.  We talked about the fact that statements with negative words are difficult for the brain to process properly.  We talked about swapping words from those that makes us feel heavy in spirit to those that bring feelings of challenges and opportunities. 


Today is all about creating phrases that make us feel powerful and optimistic.  Some call them mantras.  Others call them declarations or affirmations.  I call them Power Phrases because they have the ability to empower and lift us.


I’ve been to many seminars over the past 20 years or so with some of the top motivational people in the world.  Every single one has a portion devoted to saying phrases out loud with feeling.  At first, I thought they were a bit crazy.  It seemed pretty intense especially because we said them over and over again through the several days each offered.  These people were exceptional presenters and outstanding teachers, known for the phenomenal results they achieved.  There had to be a reason they were all using them. 


Here’s my take on the why.  


  • Brain science: Since the brain wires together what fires together, it made sense that we were first inspired and entertained to get us in a good mood.  Then we’d say the positive Power Phrases.  This way the content of the phrases was wired in with emotion

  • Biology/chemistry:  Positive emotions were generated because they made the process high energy and fun.  Those emotions had the ability to signal the brain to send out positive, healthy hormones.

  • Law of Attraction: we attract what we are.  Good mood, high energy and positive statements attract more of the same.

So to me it makes sense especially since many of us are already doing it with negative comments.  Pretty much everyone at some time has exclaimed, “Why does everything always happen to me?” or “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why am I so stupid?”   usually at the height of an emotional moment.  Why not do the same with positive words, with Power Phrases?

So what should you say?  Whatever you want.  I’ve got lists from all the different mentors.  At the Millionaire Mind Intensive created by T Harv Eker, the founder of Peak Potentials, we say money beliefs.  With Tony Robbins we said a variety of things that ratcheted up our feelings of empowerment which we definitely needed because we were about to do a fire walk (note:  never participate in a fire walk unless you are with people who are highly trained in the process).  Law of Attraction has their whole list which I got recently.  Dr. Wayne Dyer advocates starting with “I am” because those words resonate with who you most want to be.  I have my own personalized list that I created which I try to say out loud with feeling at least once a day.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • I love my life!

  • I got this!

  • I create my life.  My intention is to create health, wealth and happiness.

  • All is well.

Here are a few others I haven’t tried but like:

  • Today I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy

  • I love and accept myself for who I am

  • My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless

  • My potential to succeed is infinite

Your mission? Come up with your own list.  Start small.  Then say them at least once a day out loud with feeling.

Why out loud?  Because we can feel the vibration in our bodies as we do.  It’s what athletes do.  It’s what we do when we cheer on a team or performance.  Imagine how ineffective it would be to quietly say, “Go Team!”  Who would be inspired by that?  I see it like we’re jump starting the subconscious which has all those negative beliefs stored, the ones we’ve picked up along our path and said over and over again even though many of them are not even true.

Why with feeling?  Because it gets the emotion going which we need to get the good hormones released and to get law of attraction working its magic.

Why with repetition?  Because that’s how habits are formed, good or bad.  That’s how the brain strengthens the pathways.  Remember that myelin that is laid down with a new thought?

It will feel strange and maybe even difficult at first because it’s new, a new brain path.  I know.  I have a coach who works with me on my challenges.  It will seem hokey or corny because our society celebrates negativity and apologizes for positivity.  You know what?  I’d rather be hokey and happy than cool and miserable.  How about you?

So go for it!  Say them in your car like I do – but not at stoplights.  Yell them and have fun with them.  Have your kids make up their own list and say them daily with you.  What a powerful lesson to give them about how to empower themselves with the words that make them feel strong and in control of their lives.

Have a fabulous day!


P.S.  Now you can choose to continue to the next day or wait until tomorrow.  Either way, here's a link to the next chapter.

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