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S e c r e t s  f o r  T a p p i n g  i n t o

Y o u r  B e s t   S e l f

Notes from Cranston West Assembly


We all the ability to tap into our best self whenever we need to just as the celebrities on the red carpet do despite not having perfect lives.  I call this ability 'Star POWER' where each letter in POWER stands for a piece of the puzzle for bringing out the best in us.






How you carry your body 
What you ingest




Taking a couple of deep breaths to:

  1. Increase oxygen to the brain

  2. Help in stress relief

  3. Help move the toxins out of our bodies through the lymp system

  4. Allow us to take a moment before saying or doing something we can't take back


Great uses:

  • before a potentially stressful event - test, walking across the stage at graduation, asking someone out on a date, big game


W  =Words


Words matter
Everthing is energy


Be careful of negative words - especially can't


Instead of saying, "I always go blank on a test" say "I'll think of it in a minute".  Instead of your brain creating a blind spot, a scotoma, it opens the door to the what you've already learned.


Word swaps

problem ->  challenge  

I have to -> I get to (makes you feel priviledged) 

                  I choose to (makes you not the victim)


Watch out for Drama words

"That's killing me!"

"He stabbed me in the back."


Power Phrases

  "I got this!"

  "I love my life!"

  "Good morning, gorgeous!"

  "Everthiing is laways working out for me!"




Einstein "Your imagination is more powerful than your intellect" 


See your life the way you'd like it to be in your imagination as often as you can.  Then take a small step each day towards making your goals happen.


Imagine with all your senses yourself doing well

  • on a test

  • when you're about to walk across the stage at graduation

  • at a critical moment in a game

  • when you're about to ask someone on a date

  • when you're going to do something potentially stressful


90% of what you worry about never happens




Realize that you have the ability to shine any time you want, even if:

  • your parents are divorced

  • someone tries to bully you

  • a tough situation comes up


Some Secrets of Sucess

From the multiple award winning Strategies for Success Program


  • Keep complaining to a minimum


    "Are you complaining because your life is bad or is your life bad because you're complaining all the time?"  T. Harv Eker

    Complaint Free World strategy - wear a bracelet on one wrist.  Switch it every time you complain.  Try to keep it on one wrist for a month.


  • The Awareness Jar
    Every time you say something

    negative, put a penny in the jar.  
    Donate it to charity. Or keep track 
    on your favorite device.

    This act alone made my classroom
    and school more positive which in
    turn helped dramatically change the
    vibe of the school as well as test scores and graduation rates.


  • Switching to a better feeling thought

    You can switch your thoughs in a heartbeat

    If you're stressed, angry, frustrated.... switch to thinking about something that makes you feel happy or grateful.

    This works because your brain cannot hold oppositive thoughts


  • Do kindness

    Improves your mood and health.  Does the same for everyone who witnesses or receives your kindness

    Become part of the Thank a Shining Star program and recognize people who do things well with a great attitude.


Want to learn more?  

Check out some of the other
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Marianne Douglas


Strategies for Success Program 
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Frazzled to Freedom: 30 Days to a More Stress-free You
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About Marianne


Marianne is a multiple award-winning teacher,speaker and author.  She creates live and online programs to inspire, empower and educate her audiences.




  • Teacher of the Year - Mt. Hope High School

  • Teacher of the Year - Bristol/Warren School District

  • Outstanding Rhode Island Educator - Portuguese American Women's Association

  • National Finalist Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning

  • Recognized as a "Hero" by the Oprah Winfrey Show

  • Jefferson Award for Public Service

  • Service Award - Rhode Island College





Keep shining!!

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